About Me

Few words ...  

My story is that of a woman passionate about fashion accessories and uniqueness. I believe every woman is unique in her own way and can make the world more beautiful with elegance, style and attitude. 

I grew up in my grandfather’s fur and leather workshop where I used to make clothes for dolls and I spent many hours weaving yarn and tapping the sewing machine's pedal. 

Duccessa represents my vision about the chic women willing to escape the anonymity of serial products, strong and elegant women. 

Duccessa bags are unique accessories entirely hand-made with much passion, care, attention to details and finishes. They are the result of countless hours of work and attempts to find the perfect balance between the quality of the materials and the final appearance of the product. 

The satisfaction I feel when I hold the finished product in my hands fills my heart with joy. One eye admires and the other considers what can be improved. 

Every bag carries a part of me.