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This website is administered by Coleaşă Olivia - Authorized Natural Person - hereinafter referred to as the “Seller” - registered with the National Trade Register Office under number (Sole Registration Code): 38829376 since 08.02.2018, with place of business in Bucharest Municipality, 84 Aviator Mircea Zorileanu Street, 2nd Floor, District 1, Romania, Telephone: +40729380271.

This document defines the terms and conditions under which the Seller carries out its business.

The access to and use of the website Duccessa.com, and the information and products presented, are governed by the following Terms and Conditions and the Data Security Regulations in compliance with the laws in force: Government Emergency Ordinance no. 130/2000, Law no. 296/2004, Law no. 677/2001.

By accessing and placing an order on the Duccessa.com website, you accept the Terms and Conditions and Data Security Regulations.

The Seller reserves the right to amend this document based on the business conducted without any prior notice. Therefore, please consult this page regularly for any changes.


  • Seller: Coleaşă Olivia - Authorized Natural Person - registered with the National Trade Register Office under number (Sole Registration Code): 38829376 since 08.02.2018, with place of business in Bucharest Municipality, 84 Aviator Mircea Zorileanu Street, 2nd Floor, District 1, Romania;
  • Client: any individual or legal entity placing an order by one of the means made available by the Seller;
  • Product: any item made by the Seller based on the Client’s specific order, which is the subject matter of this agreement;
  • Order: a specific request made by the Client by one of the means specified below (please consult item 4.1.).


The Seller makes and sells fashion accessories and customized items of clothing made entirely by hand and available in stock or based on the Client’s specific order.

The products uploaded on the website, together with the related specifications, are designs which may be customized based on the Client’s preferences, subject to the compatibility of the materials and accessories required.

The finished products may differ slightly from those presented on the website due to the manual execution process; this makes each and every product unique.


The satisfaction of each and every Client by the delivery of quality products made to the Client’s specifications is the sole purpose of the Seller’s business. All orders will be processed based on the procedure below, thus ensuring proper transparency and good communication between the Client and the Seller during the entire term of this agreement.

4.1. Order placement

Orders may be placed by one of the following means:

  • Order form: by accessing and filling in the order form for the product you intend to purchase from the website;
  • E-mail: by sending an e-mail to office@duccessa.com;
  • Telephone: by calling the telephone number: +40729380271 during 09.00 - 18.00, Monday to Friday and Saturday during 09.00-14.00.

4.2. Order acceptance and confirmation

The acceptance of the orders placed by means of an order form or by e-mail will be confirmed by telephone call. Also, during this stage, the matters below will be agreed together with the Client:

  • All details related to the shape and final appearance of the ordered product: size, basic color, color of applications, length / size of the fastening devices, etc.;
  • Delivery term. The manufacturing process and thus the delivery term varies from one product to another depending on the product’s size and complexity and the number of pending orders. This also includes the time required to deliver the parcel to the address indicated by the Client;
  • Method of payment;

The Seller will deliver the order confirmation by e-mail and will specify all details agreed upon beforehand with the Client. This e-mail will also contain a pro forma invoice based on which payment is to be made.

4.3. Method of payment

The payment of the products ordered and confirmed by telephone and e-mail will be made in advance by bank transfer in the Seller’s account, as mentioned in the issued invoice. After the payment made by the Client is confirmed, the order will be delivered to production.

4.4. Product delivery

The products will be delivered by express courier services, as agreed upon, at the address specified by the Client. The Seller ships products both on the territory of Romania and internationally. The product shipping cost will be entirely borne by the Client.

When the order is shipped, the Seller will send to the Buyer an e-mail containing the AWB number and the order tracking details.


All products presented and sold on the Duccessa.com website are designed and made by the Seller. All product photographs, as well as their graphic presentation, are the Seller’s property and may not be reproduced or copied without its written consent.


Privacy policy represents the conditions in which “Duccessa” through Authorized Natural Person Coleaşă Olivia uses your personal data. This data helps us to identify you when you use the website duccessa.com. We assure you that this data will be used only according to this privacy statement and for the exclusive purpose for which it was collected. 

Authorized Natural Person Coleaşă Olivia, as owner of duccessa.com, respects the private nature and security of processing the personal data of each person who visits this website and has the obligation to safely manage the personal data you provide us. 

According to RGPD, you have the right to information, access, rectification or deletion, restriction, portability and withdrawal of consent any time.


All bags designed and sold by the Seller are fashion items made entirely by hand and are intended for the transportation of moderate weight personal effects based on their size.

The Seller is not liable for any damaging as a result of inappropriate use. Also, it is recommended to follow the instructions for use mentioned on the product’s label.

In compliance with Article 7(1) of Government Decision no. 130/2000, the Client is entitled to give written notice to the Seller with respect to forgoing a purchase, without any penalties and justification, within 10 days as of the receipt of the product. The expenses related to the product’s return will be borne, according to the law, by the Client.

Products may only be returned under the following conditions:

  • The products must bear the original label placed by the Seller upon shipment. Products which no longer bear this label cannot be returned.
  • The products must be new, in the same form as when received, without any wear and tear or damaging;
  • The products must be returned in their original package undamaged.

The Seller reserves the right to refuse and also send back to the Buyer any product which does not meet the conditions for return, as listed above.

If the product meets the conditions for return, as listed above, the Buyer will reimburse the full amount received from the Client and will give written notice to the Client within no more than 10 business days as of the return acceptance. All return fees will be borne by the Client.

Thank you !